Graham Higgins Illustration - Literate Graffiti Dept.


February 15, 2016


To the British, these three descending notes:
will be as Moses’ staff upon the rock.
Those three notes (Aa-Ga-Do)
fanfare a folk tradition, mummery and chanting
to call to mind those lost in the dreamland circle of purgatory: Empty[v],
a place for those accurséd dwellers in perpetual fatuous euphoria,
packed inside the prison-ship the Channeling-Trunk
gathered, watchful, waiting for their turns at the shiny window
grinning, mugging, miming; pointing in obvious panic, using heads and fingers, knees
and Those: linked fingers – raised and wrung in a Pie Jesu
around the clowns’ facades: the aching cheeks,  eyebrows all fol-de-rol
All covert, coded pleas to please please see those stifling confines
One Shiny Window
This short Slot In The Schedule
Spirits of a Costa Brava stag-do long ago: fruity cocktails as they party party
no bar-tab; no sleeep; no hangover
and no respite.
Until next time my friends – be nice to Mum and
As They Say – Be Careful What You Wish For!!!

I wish I were there now
with them, up and loving’ it
far from the daily grind, the roundabouts, the treadmill of the same ol’ same ol’

Is how he story goes, so I’ve heard.

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