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February 11, 2016

The Discard-Pile

We’re clearing up, clearing out, sorting out the stuff to keep from years of boxes, piles and shelves of stuff we’ve just kept because there was no need to make decisions. Stuff comes to light that might’ve been important at the time.
This sketchbook found beside the bed, say; a page of notes from that post-op twilight that now feels more of an event than I knew at the time. I can’t remember writing any of this nor why it should’ve been something to do at the time. Not something I had to do or felt compelled to do, just something that I now find I did.
I guess it’s natural to go back, to try to edit meaning or purpose into what we do, to make it consistent with someone we think we are or want to be. Let yourself off that hook. Some of it is no more significant than a reaction to a bit of angular grit in the eye. Don’t waste time introspecting about why that particular grit, that particular time, whether there was any great meaning in the impromptu pantomime “Oh SH**!+?*//!!… No, No. it’s just a bit of grit” Carry on everyone. It’ll wash itself out.
Cough; sneeze; gag; hiccup; wince; write. Don’t give writing more importance just because you had to learn to do it.

coma fragments


Something happened
I hardly noticed
until nothing happened after it.


Through the glass I can see such vaults of space
I can nearly feel them
and if I tilt my mind just so
it’s easy to imagine I can hear them.
Words won’t bridge that gap.


That thought I just had
did I think it
or was I only here by chance to notice it?


I count to ten and then begin again
time after time to tire this brain to rest
apart from this part here
that wonders if I’ve reached the thousands yet
and where I left off 1-10 last time.


I observe me even in the dreams my brain makes in my sleep
I watch him being me
a character you see
there, after I disappear.
The door sighs shut and he is gone
into that room where you observe me.


The mind’s I
The Inner Here
The white noise of electric jelly

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