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June 14, 2014

Sport Live!

– Welcome back. Before the break we promised you coverage of that critical moment in the Flapsford-Hobston clash; the decider in the North-West League, the climax of a tensely fought and at times controversial series of eliminators. Your thoughts, Barry.
– Yes indeed, Gary. We have footage from that move that turned out to spell defeat for Flapsford’s Doug Grimes at the hands of Hobston’s sharpshooter Terry Dowling. We join the game in the 45th minute…
– …and at this point, Grimes has made his move and sits back to assess the state of play. I guess he was feeling pretty confident there.
– As well he might, Gary, given the run of success he’d enjoyed up till then… Dowling takes the cup and glances at Grimes. We can only imagine what thoughts are going through his mind as he loads the die and considers his next move.
– A look of anticipation.
– Well, in the moments before his throw, anticipation is pretty much all he can bring to the game, but here we go, decisive as ever he gives the cup a good shake and there… that’s the moment when he releases the die and the result of the game is out of his hands and the Hand Of Fate takes over.
– Let’s slow that down now… and as the die spins, we can see the 4 there, and there’s the big 6, and finally, as it comes to rest, there’s that all-important 5.
– You’ve got to say, that was a canny throw and the five takes him to square 37. You can almost feel the sense of relief amongst the Hobston supporters.
– Dowling takes his counter; there he goes – one, two, three, four, and five!
– Interesting to note his positive style these days. As an apprentice player he was a slider. I think this new edge-tap speaks of his growing authority and experience of the tournament situation.
– Indeed, Barry, and there he is positioned in that prime spot beyond the snake and lined up to make an easy 4 to the bottom of the ladder on 41.
– If we just take a look at the simulator, if he’d thrown a 3, look what would have happened…
– One, two, three… and that would have been the snake and Dowling would definitely have been going down. A 2 and he’d still have been in the danger-zone…
– …but that 5 swung it for Hobston. Dowling I must say looks pretty calm, considering his options, a picture of that old sang-froid he’s known for, but I imagine he’s already looking forward to a large sherry in the club-room.
– We’ll come back that game in a minute, but for now we go over to the Biggleswick Leisure Centre for a report from Larry Bimps at the Championship Trophy Ludo League. Larry, hi, have you been watching those developments in the Snakes and Ladders, mate?
– I have indeed, Barry, but I have to say I can’t offer you any relief from the tension. The last few minutes have seen some dramatic play here; just look at this footage….

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