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April 8, 2011

Time passes…

31-3-11 New Look

The updated look of the blog is called Gravel and it’s a result of (a) a lot of work by the designer – I’ve had a peer at the code and retired, baffled, (b) a series of queries about why I opted for the generic Kubrick-style theme (laziness; timidity about messing with a workable default; technical deficiency) and (c) a spare hour or so yesterday to work through several pages of alternatives and a reckless have-a-go curiosity that might just as easily have wrecked the joint.
Apart from the displaced and orphaned ‘Dept.’  in the header – hence my brief encounter with the HTML – it looks OK to me and I’m still reeling at the fact that it’s worked at all. When I’m trying to make sense of the most basic computer-related tasks I often think of the slab-prodding apes in the opening scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey. In my experience of DIY, the chances are about even that you learn something or the slab falls on you.

Digital processes are too abstract for me. I’m fine with Photoshop; it does things on screen that I can relate to tangible processes in the real world, with the distinct advantage that you can retrieve yourself from dubious decisions at a click. I’ve played around with on-screen music composition but not enough to produce anything more than reasonable Lego modelling with the bricks provided; the ukulele on the other hand, even played upside-down to accommodate my left-handedness, continues to occupy cumulative hours.
My friend Ernie Hudson has recently put a vid on YouTube, a deceptively simple-looking guitar part for White Boy Lost In The Blues. His years of picking up the guitar have resulted in a more-than-the-sum-of-its-parts versatility that emerges fluent as handwriting. I’ve tried to play the same chords and licks and only arrived at more-or-less technical competence on occasions.
At some point which so far I’ve managed to delay I’ll try to put up acceptable intermediate-busker versions of some of my own songs.

As I write it’s April 3rd.Tomorrow I have a week in a local school, a call back after an unexpected afternoon’s work there. This is always a tricky waiting-time, going in to an unknown class with an unpredictable range of ability and social skills and aptitudes.

…and this is April 8th. Better post this and regroup for April…

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